Kent County Government Meetings

3 meetings are scheduled for the week ahead for various government groups in Kent County. The Galena Planning and Zoning Board will meet on Monday at 6pm. The Kent County Board of Zoning Appeals will meet on Tuesday to discuss the American Legion building. And the Betterton Mayor and Council are set to meet on Tuesday as well at 7pm.


USRC Grants Money to Local Board

The Upper Shore Regional Council recently announced that they will be giving some grant money to the Kent County Local Management Board. The board will receive $40,000 from USRC to help fund marketing of their transportation services through out Kent County and the Eastern Shore. Parts of the plan for using this funding would involve developing a marketing plan as well as raising awareness of the public transportation service in addition to installing additional bus stop signage.


Chesterville Finds Many Unmarked Graves

The town of Chesterville recently made a discovery as they used a ground penetrating radar survey of their town cemetery revealing some unmarked locations. The survey of the Chesterville Cemetery showed that the remains of 64 individuals were buried in the space but without any marked graves to indicate such. Some of the graves that were inspected happened to be four victims of a mass murder that took place in 1851.


QA County Board of Commissioners Rejects Proposal

A proposed change to an ordinance in Queen Anne’s County was recently rejected by the board of commissioners during a recent meeting. The proposal involved changing the height and space requirements for new buildings that would be located in areas like by the Bay Bridge Marina. The board came to a 4-1 vote to reject the proposal for the increase to maximum building height in new buildings as part of Ordinance No. 21-02.