Leaders in Queen Anne’s County want Maryland transportation officials to close the ramps on Route 50 to all but local traffic as congestion caused by Bay Bridge construction gets worse for residents on Kent Island. Commissioner James Moran said he and other county leaders proposed last year that state officials close specific ramps on Route 50 to keep people from returning from beach vacations from driving off Route 50 and clogging up Route 18 and other roads used primarily for local traffic. State officials rejected the plan saying it is not possible under state law and possibly unconstitutional.


The puppy that was thrown off U.S. Route 301 in Millington last month has a new home. The Queen Anne’s County Animal Welfare League says a highway worker spotted the dog down over the embankment beside the road and called authorities.  Officials say it appeared the puppy a 6 month old Belgian Malinois and her crate had been thrown over the side of the bank or maybe kicked from a moving vehicle. At the end of her eight-day stray hold, she received all her vaccines and was spayed and put up for adoption. The couple who adopted the pup already had two other dogs, a black Lab named Bella and another Belgian Malinois named Leo.


The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration had to continue the closure of MD 213 (Centreville Road) between Main Street and Little Kidwell Avenue in Centreville through early Monday afternoon.   Over the weekend, crews moved the new MD 213 Bridge over Old Mill Stream Branch into place.  Before the road can be reopened, crews must complete paving and striping at the bridge approaches, work had been delayed due to heavy rainfall.


This is National Bus Safety Week and to make sure children stay safe when getting on and off the bus, the Maryland Center for School Safety, Maryland State Department of Education, Maryland State Police, Maryland Department of Transportation, and local school systems are all teaming up to educate the public on the importance of school bus safety, especially when it comes to other drivers on the road. More drivers in Maryland are obeying the law and stopping for school bus arms than in previous years, according to the latest survey of state bus drivers. In Maryland the law states that if a school vehicle has stopped on a road and is operating the alternately flashing red lights, the driver of any vehicle following or approaching the school bus must stop at least 20 feet from the front or rear of the school vehicle. Failure to stop for the bus can result in up to a $500 fine, three points on a driver's license, and increased insurance rates.




QAC Sheriffs are investigating a theft at the Under Armor Prime Outlets Queenstown.  A store employee told police that a black male and black female took around $2,000.00 worth of clothing from the store.  Based on a lengthy criminal investigation which included multiple interviews of surrounding business, it was determined that these unknown subjects may have been involved in additional thefts from stores at the Prime Outlets in Queenstown. Their pictures are posted on the QAC Sheriff’s face book page.  Anyone with information regarding the identity of these subjects are please asked to call the sheriffs office.


Kent County Sheriffs say a female student at Kent County Middle School has been referred to the Department of Juvenile Services on a complaint of disturbing school operations. She also was removed from the school after allegedly causing a disturbance in the school library while trying to start a fight.