The Way We Worked

“The Way We Worked” is a Smithsonian Institution Museum on Main Street traveling exhibition and is highlighting the work history in Kent County. The project, a joint effort of Sumner Hall and Washington College’s C.V. Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience, features an exhibit “The Black Labor Experience in Kent County” at Sumner Hall at 206 South Queen Street in Chestertown along with related special events at the Starr Center on the Washington College Campus. The Way We Worked” will be on view at Sumner Hall through May 20, and will be open Tuesdays–Thursdays from 9am– 1 pm; Fridays from noon-7pm; Saturdays from 9am-4pm; and Sundays noon-4 pm." Learn more at or by contacting Nina Johnson, or 443-282-0023, or Jean Wortman, assistant director at the Starr Center, or 410-810-7165.

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GAR Sumner Hall

C.V. Starr Center

  This is Robert Earl Price on the Shore Morning Show with Brian & Leslie on April 6.  LISTEN BELOW:

> Robert Earl Price on WCTR.

  The following are a series of work-related poems read by local dignitaries and written by local poets along with some of America’s best-known poets.  LISTEN BELOW:

> Leslie Raimond-Work.

> Robert Earl Price – Call Him Back From Layoff by Bob Hickock.

> Stan Salett-Follower by Seamus Heaney.

> Philip Dutton-Dad On Work by CT Dutton.

> Pat Nugent – Why I Take Good Care Of My McIntosh by Gary Snyder.

> Steve Croker – High Flight by John Magee.

> Meredith Davies Hadaway– End Of The Season, original.

> Mary Wood – Physical Therapy, original.

> Bob Ortiz – Hear America Singing by Walt Whitman.

> Linda Dutton – The Secretary Chant by Marge Piercy.

> Chris Ames – After Apple Picking by Robert Frost.

> Melinda Bookwalter – Cadence, original poem.

> Linda Dutton – Woman Work by Maya Angelou.

> Pat Nugent – Digging by Seamus Heaney.

> Robert Earl Price – Po Boy Blues by Langston Hughes.

> Mary Wood – Hands, original.

> Leslie Raimond – To A Friend Whose Work Has Come To Nothing by William Butler Yeats.

> Melinda Bookwalter – Night Shift, Fruit Cocktail by Sasan King Salving.

> Pat Nugent – Hay For The Horses by Gary Snyder.

> Robert Ortiz – Work Poem by Henry Van Dyke.

> Robert Earl Price – The Wharf Rat, original.

> Melinda Bookwalter – Sending Flowers by Hannah Stephenson.

> Robert Earl Price – Booker T and W.E.B. by Dudley Randall.

> Chris Ames – Psalm For Those Who Go Forth Before Daylight by Carl Sandburg.

> Linda Dutton – Find Work by Emily Dickenson.

> Mary Wood – Notice After April 15 The Doctors Office Will Close, quote by John Asbury.

> Meredith Davies Hadaway – At The Narrows, original.

> Stan Salett – Wallace Stevens On His Way To Work by David Wagner.

> Closing announcement from Leslie Raimond.