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Elvis Presley’s remix of the classic song “Hound Dog” helped shape rock and roll forever. Spunky, confident, and begging to be danced to, the tune is an iconic recount of the singer’s griping to his wayward canine. Occasionally, you meet someone who seems to live in a song. Even more occasionally, you meet a dog who does. Copper, this week’s Pet of the Week, always has “Hound Dog” as his background music. And he knows it.  Copper has been at the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County since late March. He sidled into a backyard asking for food, and landed at the ACSKC, where he quickly began breaking hearts. With his cream-and-coffee spotted coat and adorable droopy ears, Copper has the classic sass of ahound, and tends to steal the show in any environment. Despite his swagger, Copper is a big goof, and once he warms up to strangers he will flip over for a belly rub with a floppy grin. He seems to think he’s actually a beagle, as he does not seem to know his own size. His tendency to trip over his own feet or droop over the boots of the nearest human only adds to his charm.
​Copper probably danced too much as a puppy, because though he is only around seven years old, he suffers from arthritis in his hips. He is on medication to control the pain in the lower half of his body. While the medication helps manage the pain, he is still uncomfortable, so we try to avoid touching his hind end. We consider Copper to be a “special needs” child, but the joy he will bring to you is worth the extra care he will need because of his arthritis.
Like any true rock star, Copper is accustomed to a wilder lifestyle. Rather than settle down as ahouse dog, this ruggedpup adores the outdoors, and would be happiest as an outside or inside-outside member of the family. This setup would require a fenced-in or otherwise enclosed area, and a soft, warm shelter for nights and cold times. This could be a nice barn or an insulated outdoor kennel. Any potential homes will need to be checked by ACSKC staff to ensure conditions are right for the down-home diva to thrive. He could be solo or part of a pack, given proper introductions.
Copper ain’t nothing but a hound dog, but is well-loved by the ACSKC staff. And while his rabbit-catching skills may be lacking, he is one heck of a high-class friend. It is high time he retire from the shelter’s stage and enjoy collecting royalties and belly scratches in his forever home. This rolling stone needs a permanent love in his life. If you are interested in adopting Copper, you can fill out an adoption application online or in person at the Animal Care Shelter of Kent County at 10720 Augustine Herman Highway, Chestertown, MD, call at 410-778-3648. or email us at !!




Meet Carmello!
At only 3 years old, this beautiful calico is an old soul. She's the kind of girl who will sit in her cage and "chirp" at you for attention. She's a very vocal young lady! The only thing on her mind is getting pets, but she won't push you! Carmello is very calm, and she's good at letting you do your own thing- but she'll definitely be waiting for you to give her attention. Sweet Carmello doesn't really have a temper, and it's honestly pretty rare to find a kitty that is ALWAYS ready for love. And we can't forget to mention how beautiful she is. Her markings are so unique, with a 1/3 orange, 1/3 black, and 1/3 white face, we're so surprised she hasn't caught anyone's eye yet. If Carmello could pick her perfect home, she'd choose a calmer one where her humans are a bit older and know not to poke and prod at her. She'd love a home where she could get attention for most of the day, but she'd be fine on her own for a while! She doesn't seem to mind other cats, and we think she could live with dogs since she's spunk enough to put them in their place.
Learn more by visiting or calling 410-827-7178