_ With the passing of Joe Paterno, affectionately nicknamed JoePa by Penn State fans, over the weekend, many people are claiming that he simply lost the will to live. Before his death, he had publicly come out and said he wishes he would have done more. He was obviously devastated by the backlash Penn State received due to the allegations against Jerry Sandusky. After being fired from Penn Stat over the scandal, many believe he lost one of the most important things in his life. Could this be the biggest example of someone dying from a broken heart? Or is this being over thought by an increasingly over dramatic U.S.?  

At a recent Kent County Commissioners meeting, an eyewitness mentioned that State Senate President Miller told Senator Pipkin that when the 36th District delegation voted against an increase in the alcohol tax, the leadership in Annapolis was given the impression that the revenue wasn't needed in the 36th and therefore much of the region's share was distributed elsewhere. Were the votes against the tax by the 36th delegation justified because of its potential harm on the Eastern Shore? Should the 36th delegation go along with the majority in order to get the funding? Is the practice of withholding funding to the 36th due to the opposition of the tax a sign that partisan politics trumps acting for the good of all Maryland citizens? 
2012 looks to be an important year for Chestertown now that the marina purchase is moving ahead and Washington College's ownership of the Armory is complete. We look for the riverfront to be the economic hub that has the potential to benefit the downtown. We see the Sultana as one of the biggest riverfront draws. What do you see as the town's biggest draw and/or what would you like to see that the town doesn't have? 
It wasn't a long campaign, but after just a couple of months of trying to convince the community that the Kent Recycling & Reclamation program would be a big plus for Kent County, it went down in a stunning defeat. Or was it a win?  Depends what side of the table you're sitting on.   We want to hear from you, so sound off on the WCTR blog.
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